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Introducing SeaLeopard Engineering

Founded in 2020, SeaLeopard Engineering is a world-class global consultancy specializing in design, execution & operation for subsea pipeline systems, covering trunklines, flowlines, and various marine environments. Our comprehensive services include design, analysis, repairs and installation engineering. We create transformative outcomes for clients and communities through integrated thinking & engineering of passionate experts.

Our Publications

Please check our latest publications on a variety of Subsea Pipeline topics. You can either go to the page and scroll through the articles or type in a keyword to find relevant articles. Each paper can be downloaded free of charge. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

History of the Sea Leopard

The Sea Leopard is the second largest species of seal and lives only in the Antarctic water. Its natural predator is the killer whale. The Sea Leopard is a skilled and efficient subsea hunter. When hunting,for prey a Sea Leopard is sometimes submerged in very deep waters, as it is capable of withstanding high pressures. It feeds on birds, penguins. krill and fish. Its latin name is Hydrurga leptonyx, where hydrurga means “water worker” and leptonyx is the Greek for “thin-clawed”.

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